About AHAT

AHAT Homecare provides help to people with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C in Washington State. We offer affordable housing and access to healthcare for residents and the community in three programs – Three Cedars, Project Open Door and Healthy Living.

The AIDS Housing Association of Tacoma (AHAT) was founded during the height of the AIDS crisis. In 1989, treatment options for HIV/AIDS were nonexistent and the mortality rate was astronomical. Members of Christ Church Episcopal of Tacoma and the community started AHAT to provide alternative housing for people with HIV/AIDS in Pierce and Kitsap Counties. The church provided a house, Three Cedars, to AHAT as a place for our clients to spend their final days.

Today, we have much better tools to combat the virus. Our residents come to us lacking housing and medical adherence. With our help two-thirds of our residents return to their communities after success in our programs. In 2016 we took on the new name, AHAT Homecare, and expanded our programming to include Hepatitis C.

AHAT Homecare is a 501(c) non-profit corporation registered in the State of Washington. Financial support comes from City, State and Federal grants. The community, our sponsors and volunteers still provide much-needed financial support.

Providing a circle of caring for people living with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C, empowering them to stabilize their lives.

Our Mission

Our Leadership Team

Terri Hollis
Program Coordinator
Fred Triplett
Program Coordinator
Missy Catching
Operations Manager
David Strong
Executive Director
Judy Buennagel
Admin Assistant
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